Goat breeds: Oberhasli

Goat breeds: Oberhasli

Origin and diffusion

Swiss goat breed from the district of the same name in the canton of Bern. Quiet but alert character.

Morphological and productive characteristics

Cut it: medium-small.
The coat color is reddish brown with a black dorsal strip; black are also the face, the belly and the legs. Occasionally, due to recessive genes, black Oberhasli may be born; only females can be registered, while black males cannot be registered.
Production medium milk: multipurpose lt. 350

Mini Oberhasli: also called oberiana, it is a breed of goat in the creation phase that is obtained starting from the coupling of a Nigerian dwarf goat's beak with a female of Oberhasli goat.

Oberhasli goat (photo www.dairygoatjournal.com)

Oberhasli goats (photo http://vanjust-oberhasli.weebly.com/)

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